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The most expensive whisky in history

The passion for whisky is universal, equal, in tradition, as of other beverages such as wine.

Although in whisky does not occur as with wine, in which production is subject to the quality of the vintage, the tradition manufacturer of the whiskey distilleries means quality, and gets higher and higher, In addition, these spirits age almost indefinitely, which makes the value of a good...


Whisky aromas and flavours

Whisky is one of the leading spirits of the whole story. It continues acquiring great relevance worldwide and is intended for gourmets who appreciate its colour and flavour.

In a whiskey tasting, similar to a wine tasting, we must watch the look, the golden colour, which is darker as it's aged, or depending on the destillery. Must always be placed in a glass not too high on a white...


The aromas and flavours of gin

Sophisticated, traditional and modern at the same time. Gin is one of the best spirits to make cocktails with, since ever, and now producers are investigating to offer some different flavours.

Some botanical variations are used to develop curious flavours and Gin with unique personality, depending on the variety added. Its basic ingredients are juniper, barley and other cereal mixtures, to...



5 wine accessories for a perfect service

Not every day we have the time to relax and have wine, with the ritual required, leaving the wine to aerate properly and enjoying it at the right temperature. Fortunately, not all wines require such elaborate preparations, and we can enjoy great wines with only opening the bottle and drink.

But if you are someone who occasionally likes to enjoy a quiet drink, without stress, and a good...


Pessac-Leognan, Bordeaux wonders

Pessac-Léognan wine is part of an appellation of origin is located inside the wines of Graves a wine region which is located in Bordeaux (France). This appellation is known both for its red wines and for its white wines.

Despite the tradition of winemaking, the designation was created in September 1987 as a sub-region of the southern part of Graves, which is located in Bordeaux. The purpose...


New tendencies in wine designs

From time to time we like to review the new trends in designs of wine, and now that the 2011 vintage is going on, is a good time to take a look at fashion in this important packaging, trying to figure out how will we get surprised this year.

Wineries are generally not very innovative in this matter although there are exceptions, but if we go abroad we see wine labels and designs that surprise...


Rum ousitde Caribbean

No one can doubt that the Caribbean rums are the worlds most famous either for their high quality or its long tradition. But we cannot deny that there are a lot of rum around the world who may not have the same tradition, but their quality has won an important place in the world of rum.

If we talk about outside the Caribbean rums, we must mention first South American ones, and the...


Valdeorras, the door of Galicia

Valdeorras is one of the DO's less known in Spain, although the wine Rua 2010 is becoming quite trendy nowadays. Located in Orense, is halfway between the cold Bierzo vineyards and the rainy vineyards of the Rias Baixas.

Valdeorras's vineyards occupy most of the basins of the rivers Siland Xares. Distinctively to the rest of Galicia, the area of Valdeorras is far more dry and hot in...


Minimum legal age to drink alcohol all over the world

The minimum legal age for drinking beverages with alcohol content is very variable, we can say that it fluctuates between 16 years to the total ban. Come along and take a tour with us around the world and you'll know the minimum age for drinking alcohol in the main alcohol consuming countries of the world, and some of their disputes.