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The Irish Whiskey

The Irish whisky is called "whiskey", just as Americans do with their bourbon. This whiskey is made from barley and is characterized by a triple distillation, a fact that makes it a smoother and delicate drink, compared to others of the same class. This whiskey is the most consumed in this country, Ireland, although in recent years the exportation has grown significantly.

"The word Whisky...



South Africa Appellation

South Africa is the pioneer of so-called New World countries, as far as wine is concerned; it was the first country to belong to this group.

The history of South African wine

It was by the hand of the Dutch colonist Simon Van der Stel, first governor of the Cape Colony (Dutch colony in South Africa), who introduced the culture of wine back in 1679, creating the first vineyard in this...


Good wine is expensive... or not

When we speak about the wines best rated in the guides, we always have the same idea: small production, long stay in barrels, selected grapes and huge prices. It is the general idea, for example, among the 10 best wines of Spain in 2011, according to Parker.

Well this year Robert Parker scores have yielded a surprise to us: wine Rua Blanco 2010, of the Bodega Cooperativa Virgen de las Viñas,...



Sex in the vineyard, the females take command

Sex to make the best wine. But artificial sex. The pheromones contained in the form of hundreds of bars that Bodegas Bilbaínas, owned by Codorniu Group in a 90%, has spread its 250 hectares of their vineyards.

The female pheromones are actually moth cluster, or Lobesia botrana, and the aim is to attract the males, which with such an aroma but without a trace of females, go crazy and die....


Spanish wine at the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco

Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock, as a husband and wife, and after finishing the ceremony and have said the "I do" is the time for celebrations, and as is beginning to be usual in royal weddings, Spain wines feature prominently in this celebrations.

In this case there has been as famous as a wine from Vega Sicilia, and as pursued as Pingus or... the list could go on but you will...


The Summer of Riesling

Riesling wines are becoming more demanded, and they are perfect for any occasion, because they can produce excellent wines to consume both summer (fresh) and winter (sweets). From the non-French or Spanish grapes is possibly the most famous and widespread. It does not require excessive care, is very resistant both to cold and heat and you can get so many different nuances from the rest of...


Margaux wine, extreme luxury

Margaux wine shows elegance, nobility and luxury for the senses. It is recognized worldwide for the artisan spirit that has become one of the most peculiar and extremely high price. But Who does not like being spoiled from time to time?

Well, this time will be a good one, high quality, a red one that will take us to new worlds. These wines are designed especially for lovers and purest...


Tequila, a strong drink

Tequila is a native distillate from Mexico, Jalisco to be precise. It is made from distillate agave juice, a thick and fleshy type of plant, which stores liquid on its leaves that is used to make tequila and mezcal among other drinks and liquors. As well as other spirits tequila has a denomination of origin witch is divided in 5 states of...


Absinthe, the green fairy

Absinthe is a mythical drink, adored, reviled, and ultimately banned, hidden in a halo of mystery available only to connoisseurs.

Many associate absinthe to Pastis and Ricard, but in fact they are different drinks, of which today we'll tell you its origin and motives of the legend:

Absinthe was discovered in the late eighteenth century, and was believed to have medicinal effects. Absinthe...