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Synonyms for grape names (Part II)

Uva perruna (doggy Grape), Pardillo, Negrera (slavers), Botón de gallo (rooster?s button ?yes, it's what you have just read, it is the translation of those names. Local names for famous grapes... Do you want to know which ones are they?

Wine is universal, made worldwide, and elaborated most of the time with the local grapes, harvested in the place of manufacture.




The most emblematic areas of Scotch

Scottish whisky has a long tradition, but that's not a scoop, this tradition is not only due to the ancient history of its whisky, or due to its recognized quality; behind the legendary Scotch there are legendary distilleries throughout Scotland, recognized by the place of birth and the whisky. That's why we have prepared a tour through the emblematic areas of Scottish whisky.


Synonyms for grape names

Bastardo (Bastard), Periquita (lovebird), Rabigato (tailed cat) ... we are speaking, of course, of the names of grapes.

There are plenty of vines to make wine, many of which are very popular in the world. But these grapes have more than just one name, usually due to their areas of origin where they are called by different names. That's why we have compiled for you the most famous grapes and...


Canadian Whisky

Whiskey of Canada is often observed with curiosity by the "purists" of whiskey, like a "poor cousin" of the powerful Scotch whisky. Even for those who have whisky as their typical drink, even without being connoisseurs, awakens suspicion.

But Canadian whiskey is one of the biggest on increasing its sales. Why?

The first factor that explains the difference between fame and sales is that...



Dao Wine, excellence away from everything

Dão is one of the wine regions that produces some of the best wines from Portugal, but has been unnoticed for years, overshadowed by the singularity of Porto and Madeira. In Portugal is like 'sitting on the fence', away from the power of the political capital, Lisbon, and Oporto, the wine capital, focused on Porto Alvarinho and vinho verde.

Dão, like the center of Portugal is an excellent...


Chianti, the ambassador of Tuscany

Chianti wine is one of the most popular types of wine worldwide. Many will relate it with Hannibal Lecter, the psychopath at "The Silence of the Lambs," who claimed to have a drink while committing atrocities, or to the saga of "The Godfather", where you could not miss it in any of the undercover restaurants of the Mob. But regardless this, Chianti is one of the Italian wines with the...


Madeira Wines

Madeira Wine is a Portuguese fortified wine produced on the islands of Madeira (Portuguese islands of the Atlantic Ocean). This wine is the main product of this region's economy besides also being a symbol of Madeira for the world. The Madeira Wine is famous for its undeniable taste and for being part of Portuguese gastronomy.

The history of the Madeira Wine

The elaboration of Madeira wine...


Columbia Valley Wines, genuine american flavor

Do you know Columbia Valley Wine? Even though it's not as popular as California wines, there´s more and more people who feels attracted by them.

This American region, located in the Columbia River plateau in Washington, offers spectacular vineyards on its more than 11.000.000 acres. 

It´s therefore, a great region dedicated to wine, that offers a pleasant and soft weather suitable to...


Cosmetics and Wine

To make a good wine is complicated, even for the most expert winery. It implies to take good care of the vineyard, the grape and the production, and to be lucky with the annual meteorology.

We could say the same, now, about cosmetics, because the wineries are aiming to investigation, attracted by the benefits of resveratrol. But this is only one of the many components of wine, so there are...


Beers for dogs

Beer in the summer is one of the most relaxing ways to freshen up but what about your dog? Doesn't he have the right to have a drink?

This is what they must have have thought in Brussels, the unofficial capital of beer of Belgium, where there has been inaugurated the first "bar for Dogs", which offers specially designed menus and beer for man's best friend.

"Go for a pint" with your...