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Amaretto, night's taste


 TAGS:Almond and apricot, bitter and sweet, contrast is the key to the Amaretto, this Italian liqueur that takes nearly a DINA4 to write all its ingredients, especially those concerning the essence. The reason for it is the original recipe, which contents no less than seventeen different types of aromatic fruits and plants, to the delight of dreamy palates.

Art and romance are mixed in equal parts in the origin of this liqueur, which is shrouded in mystery. That's probably the reason why it is held to have aphrodisiac properties, it must be true, especially when you consider that the first time it was prepared was in 1525 and still today is the liquor of choice for a night of seduction, both for men and women.

It was almost 300 hundred years later when it began to market and today it remains a best seller of the night when it is order neat or on the rocks, simply delicious; but of course it can also be drunk together with natural orange or lemon, squeezed and with a touch of cane sugar (or a little more if you have a sweet tooth).

It is also famous today for being part of some of the best cocktails served in the most chic places: Christmas Dream, ABC Shot, Wingedman, Gambler, Be Live or Verdic are some of these mixed drinks in which Amaretto gets together with vodka, rum, coffee liqueur, whisky, Baileys or Cognac.

Another of its uses links it to the kitchen, more specifically baking. Cakes, biscuits or ice creams require its sweet and playful touch to get a different result when combined with the classic milk, flour, eggs, almonds and some fruit that vary depending on the recipe, but among which are the pineapple, peach, strawberry and pear.

Love at first sight may arise with Amaretto, at the very time to see the bottle, reminiscent of a high-end perfume. The Murano glass and its geometry, softened by the curves of its edges make us want to have it in our hands. And once it gets to there, there is no turning back, you must help yourself to a drink.

Luxardo, Venice, Barbero, Itaca are some of the brands they sell, along with others like Marie Brizard, which offers it in its cream version, but none can compare to Disaronno, which is the original one and that is why in its name it has its origin written.


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