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Are you less of a man if you drink wine?

 TAGS:British men have acknowledged fear of making a fool drinking wine with their friends in bars, but not in the comfort of their homes.

When we see the wine drinking customs in different countries, we always get differences and in this case the studies have revealed unexpected data. According to a study by the Wine Association of Côte du Rhône, made with 1,500 men, 9 out of 10 men enjoy drinking a bottle of wine at home but only 1 in 4 does it on nights out with their friends, for fear of ridicule.

The reason for this teasing can be associated to be or look like an expert on the world of wine, or maybe not drink stronger and more popular beverages as other men do. The fact is that this belief generates a different pattern of consumption in the UK.

This study was commissioned by the Wine Association of Côtes du Rhône, and in this it was discovered that a quarter of men serve wine at their meetings to positively impress guests.

These data also demonstrate that wine is more appreciated in intimate evenings and lunches at home with friends and family. Perhaps for these reasons it is so common to see buyers making a very specific choice of wine to take home depending on the dish to cook or the occasion in question.

And you? Would you see strange a friend ordering wine? If you are brave, we recommend two exceptional wines of Côtes du Rhône:

 TAGS:Château la Rolière Côtes Du Rhône Brézème Tradition 2012Château la Rolière Côtes Du Rhône Brézème Tradition 2012

Château la Rolière Côtes Du Rhône Brézème Tradition 2012



 TAGS:Coudoulet de Beaucastel 2010Coudoulet de Beaucastel 2010

Coudoulet de Beaucastel 2010

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