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Beer and running, the good allies

 TAGS:Beer is the favorite drink for many people when they want to cool off in hot conditions. In his study "Suitability of beer in the athlete?s metabolic recovery", Professor Manuel Castillo Garzón of the University of Granada confirms that this delicious drink has moisturizing properties and is widely used to quench thirst.

The running club of Philadelphia, called "BeerRunners" conducted a study on 16 young people. They?ve been asked to drink beer after a run in order to recover their lost fluids.
Why beer? Well, first of all it is constituted by 95% of water. But the body does not only lose water during the effort. The sweat is composed of potassium, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols. And guess what? This is exactly what you can find in any kind of beer.

In an interview Manuel Castillo Garzón said that the most appropriate beer after exercise would be the Lager, and reminded that the lower the alcohol content is the greater the hydration would be. According to him, the recommended amount of beer would be 2 cans daily, as long as athletes can drink alcohol.

Besides beer moisturizing benefits we need to underline its relaxing effect. A beer can help you to start the rest that you need to take after the effort. The resting stage is what allows muscles and body to recover from traumatizing exercise.

This study revealed that beer and sports are compatible! But always with measurement and taking into account the line that separates hydration, relaxation and excess.
A beer? Yes, but in moderation and as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle that includes exercise, Ok? Today we recommend:

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