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Classic or modern wines?


 TAGS:A classic wine is like Casablanca, the movie. You may like or not, but you have to try it, you have to see it. You must give it a chance if you like wine or if you like movies and you feel proud to understand the subject.

A classic wine is like a final Chelsea- ManU. Although you do not like football too and even though you are not a supporter of either of these teams, you know that it will be a quality game. Excitement will be guaranteed and witnessing those ninety minutes of real football will be like a party of goals.

A classic wine is like Spanish omelet: with or without onions, accompanied by a piece of bread and, yes, a red wine as well. It?s the perfect match for any time and irresistible to any palate.

You can recognize a classic wine from the first sip. Usually because you have heard the name a thousand times, sounds familiar to you, even if you are not a wine expert. It is the wine that you buy as a gift because you know that it will be good and the value of your gift will be proved, even if the person receiving the wine does not understand a lot about the subject.

The good thing about classics is that for years, for decades, they have never disappointed. They keep their qualities, do not skimp on details and often also tend to age in a fantastic way. No unpleasant surprises anymore. Going for a classic is the safest bet. A classic wine is synonymous with success, whether in a business meeting, in a family lunch or a romantic evening in which you risk it all.

However, the modern wine comes strong. A modern wine is the one that shatters people preconceptions. Sometimes it is due to their content and sometimes because of their looks. Sometimes the news comes as a striking label, with a touch of pop art and minimal, perhaps a naïve touch. Further it is the combination of grapes: bold and innovative, unlike what you would expect.

Modern wines have come to conquer the young spirits and we are not talking about age here. Sometimes they reflect a trend that has inspired their creators, others they show the desire of those who choose it, as in love at first sight, among all those other wines on the shelf or the online catalog. Not always, but it happens that some of them are much more interesting that many of the others. In the news and the ability of never stop surprising, lies the secret of seduction.

What kind of person are you? Classic or modern? Here you are 2 different wines to choose:

 TAGS:Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2005Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2005

Marques de Murrieta is synonymous with tradition in Rioja.



 TAGS:Tomás Postigo Crianza 2009Tomás Postigo Crianza 2009

Tomás Postigo is a new winery, owned by former winemaker from Pago Carraovejas, Tomas Postigo.


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