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Classification of alcoholic beverages


Beverages with alcohol are varied, so the problem is how to classify alcoholic beverages?

Although we can classify them by their origin or their alcohol content, the most usual classification of alcoholic beverages is generally referred to the elaboration of the drink.

Therefore, it can be classified into 4 types: fermented beverages, distilled spirits or spirits, fortified drinks or generous, and liqueurs and creams.

Fermented beverages

Fermented beverages, as its name tells us, are those who are achieved with a fermentation process which often done - with the complicity of the fermentation of the sugar and yeast - of the product. These types of drinks have the same premise but it also has some variations in their process. Among the most popular of those beverages we find wine and beer.

We must also point fermented beverages such as champagne, cava, corn beer, cider, vermouth, sato, sake, pulk, tepache among others.

Distilled beverages or spirituous

Distilled beverages or spirituous also called spirits, have a very extensive range, these are products of the distillation of fermented juices or liquids already fermented, this distillation often done by boiling these liquids. These drinks may be the product of the distillation or in some cases receive more ingredients such as starch and fruit to enhance their flavor. There are also slight variations in its process but the premise remains the same.

Among the main spirits we find whisky, vodka, tequila, rum, gin, pisco, marc, brandy and cognac, among others.

Fortified drinks or generous

Fortified or generous drinks are those who have been fermented and then have been distilled, to finally be "fortified" to increase its alcohol content or to achieve a balanced in the flavor. The process of fortification involves the addition of alcohol (usually vinous origin) to the mix to increase its alcohol content. Among these drinks highlight some fortified wines such as port, sherry, madeira, marsala, chamomile and French Banyuls.
“These beverages are usually fortified with brandy"

Liqueurs and creams 

Spirits and creams are drinks made with a combination of water, alcohol, sugar and fruits, spices or herbs. The process also tends to be varied but the result is similar. The result obviously depends very much on the main ingredient which is usually one or more fruits, spices or herbs, or the combination of some of them.

This classification is the most extensive since diversity is almost as diverse as geography is; each region or area in the world has a liqueur or cream. The most popular tend to be from fruits or herbs. Some have medicinal purposes, and the alcohol content as be varied as the drink itself. In this genre there are no restrictions or rules.

Now that you know the types of alcoholic beverages, which one do you prefer? Today we'll recommend some of the most popular:


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Comments Classification of alcoholic beverages

Hi Alberto Martínez,
I am little confused, I had only known about the first 3 classification in Alcoholic Beverages.
But is Liqueurs a Classification too. But does it come under Distilled Alcoholic Beverages?
Please give me an answer asap.
Thanking You
Ajay Bhasy
Ajay Bhasy Ajay Bhasy 28/02/2013 at 12:27
Hi, Ajay,
Liquors are not Distilled beverages, as you don't destillate them. You only add alcohol, water or juice and the component/s you want to make the liquor with, and sometimes (mostly) sugar. As you don`t destillate it, those are not distilled drinks, even when they're alcoholic beverages
Thank You For the quick response
Ajay Bhasy Ajay Bhasy 28/02/2013 at 13:16
thank you
sunil jayasinghe sunil jayasinghe 29/07/2016 at 07:01
under what classification of drinks is Drambuie, Kenya gold and contrieau
grace grace 02/01/2017 at 08:40

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