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Barrels in Uvinum's blog


Give wine barrels a great second life

Wine barrels aren't only useful to wineries. You can breathe new life into old wine barrels and use them as decorative elements like furniture. Yes, you read well. Following this link, you can find more creative ideas to decorate your home with wine.

Use barrels as ice buckets

Once the barrel has fulfilled its original function, cut it in half and fill it with ice....


White Garnacha, a treasure of the Mediterranean

The Garnacha Blanca wine is a mediterranean variety that derives from a mutation of the Garnacha Noir. From the 40.000 hectars that exist in the world, 25.000 are located in the spanish Mediterranean, between Navarra, Rioja, Aragon and Catalonia.

 The area that developped and protected the White Garnacha the most, is without any doubt the region of Terra Alta. In this...


Classes of Barrels for wine

One of the containers as important as the bottle in which we see our favorite wine is the barrel where it was brought, obviously we can see them very few times cause it is there where wine remains before bottling and that process is beyond our eyes. But there’s no doubt that the barrel is part of the process of development of many wines.

The barrels often have a capacity of around 220...