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Christmas Drinks in Uvinum's blog


How to chose a whisky for a gift

If you don't know what to give this holiday season, choosing a drink is one of the best options. If the gifted is a whisky lover, then you have it easy, since he will for sure looking forward to receive this gift.

Now, to choose a good whisky we must keep in mind a number of parameters, among which are the origin, the history, the brand, the type... you have to look if it...


Christmas dinners: spanish cava for the starters

Christmas is one of the times of year that I like most (perhaps for being born on New Year?s Eve). From the day I see the first Christmas lights and decoration until New Year?s day the best dinners and meals of the year take place, the best parties are held... To live the Christmas atmosphere the best is to get an interesting selection of cava as the one I propose in the ...


Christmas Punch

The origin of Christmas punch goes back to ancient Persian villagers who consumed a very similar beverage to the "Panch" consisting of rum, water, sugar and herbs, then this custom passed to Europe where the drinks name was changed to "Punch".

Christmas punch may vary based where in the world it is prepared: for example, Mexican Christmas punch is a drink made on the...