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Dehydration in Uvinum's blog


Why does beer make you urinate more?

When we drink beer, we usually notice that the restroom is visited more frequently, as we have the desire to go much more than we usually do. This is caused by various reasons.

One of the main reasons is its important diuretic effect. The beer increases the amount of urine produced in the kidneys and thereby also increases the amount of water removed. Therefore we urge...


Dehydration: the new way to age wine

I think I can even hardly breathe so shocked I am. If anyone reading this post on the subway, please look for a place to sit. The point is that you know that we are always trying to find the best wines, the best vintages, the most effective ways to store wine (recently we talked about how to vacuum your wine bottles). But the future is here and, frankly, I do not know if we're...