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French Spirits in Uvinum's blog


Cognac, bouquet from France

When we talk about Cognac, it´s clear that we are referring to a special spirit. It is because of its geographical specificity, which restricts its output to a little place in the world, coincidences of life, it is in France and includes the regions of Charente-Maritime, Charente, Deux-Sevres and the Dordogne, which in turn are divided into six zones:

- Grande...


French spirits

The most emblematic and known French spirits include armagnac and cognac, being the armagnac the oldest wine spirit in France.

There are 5 geographical sub-appellations for this drink:

Armagnac Bas-Armagnac Haut-Armagnac Armagnac-Ténarèze Blanche Armagnac

Armagnac products are governed by continuous distillation combined with distillation in...