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Genever Gin in Uvinum's blog


The aromas and flavours of gin

Sophisticated, traditional and modern at the same time. Gin is one of the best spirits to make cocktails with, since ever, and now producers are investigating to offer some different flavours.

Some botanical variations are used to develop curious flavours and Gin with unique personality, depending on the variety added. Its basic ingredients are juniper, barley and other cereal mixtures, to...


Gin and history

Gin is an English distilled spirit derivative from the beverage -Dutch Jenever (gin). These spirits are made from the distillation of unmalted barley, and corrected with juniper berries, besides of being flavored with cardamom and some other herbs or fruits, which give the distinctive flavor to gin. Gin has an alcohol content ranging from 43 to 47 alcohol degrees.

The History of Gin