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Good Wines in Uvinum's blog


Without those 5 wines, no perfect BBQ

It's Easter! Choose a location, your friends, the best cuts of meat, (even the charcoal must be quality), and you have prepared a legendary barbecue. It only remains for you to choose some wine ... one moment! You?re not thinking on juste grabbing the first 5 wines you are going to find on your supermarket. No, come on, turn around, let it go, and think about your friends....


5 wines for a Happy May Day !

Time to celebrate May Day is coming! Can you think of a better occasion to party than to celebrate the end of winter and the start of summer times? (Almost) everywhere else in Europe, people have a bank holiday on the 8th of May to see military demonstrations, commemorating the liberation. Great ? but isn?t it better to have a spectacular free first Monday of May, (this...