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The 10 oldest bars in the world (II)

Today we continue with the oldest bars in the world. In this second chapter we will see the ones located outside the UK, which stand out for their unbelievable stories and stunning interior designs. Don't miss these small temples devoted to the enjoyment of good drinks in good company and, if you have the chance, visit them!

Lafitte`s Blacksmith Shop Bar:



The 10 oldest bars in the world (I)

From the oldest inns to caves, these bars take over 1000 years standing, serving all the people who come to try the local beers and drinks.

Each one of these bars has a story, and all claim to be the oldest. In this first chapter, we'll know those located in the UK, with ghost stories and historical characters that will surprise you. Know them and... why not? get ...


Where is the wine from?

There are a lot of countries having its ?flag liquor? to put up with pride such as: Russia and its vodka, Mexico and its Tequila, Scotland and its whisky, Peru and its pisco, and so on; but who would be the one to feel proud of the wine? In which county or culture wine was made? The answer is disputed and controversial; the cradle of wine it?s not so clear and it?s based on a...