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Iberian Ham in Uvinum's blog


Operation bikini? Operation Christmas with wine and ham!

Are you on a diet? But you like ham and wine? Well do not worry; everything we had previously thought about whether the ham fattens might not be entirely true. Now that Christmas is approaching and Christmas baskets come from the office, do not worry! It will serve you to make a diet!


Gourmet products for your corporate event

Holidays are over for many and the return to work implies a new year with new and exciting projects. In order to make the back not so hard, we can always host a corporate event to welcome customers and employees.

Surely, during this year will be held corporate events and we must take care of this occasions the best way to keep everyone happy. Remember, this is also brand...


Ibérico, more than a ham

Spanish Jamón Ibérico is more than a ham. Besides being a symbol of this country, it is quality and it is a sign of things well done. Iberian ham is tradition. Its taste has nothing to do with the one you find in other hams, neither with the one in other Spanish hams such as serrano ham.

Some other countries have tried to get their own Iberian ham. China has been the last...