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Madeira Wines in Uvinum's blog


Portuguese Wines

Today we are going to find out something more about Portugal?s wines, without resorting to Porto, that deserves a separate mention.

Is there something else apart from Porto?

Portugal?s wine is, above all, heterogeneous. There is nothing similar between a vinho verde and an Alentejo, nor between a Portuguese alvarinho and a Galician one, least of all between a Madeira...


Madeira Wines

Madeira Wine is a Portuguese fortified wine produced on the islands of Madeira (Portuguese islands of the Atlantic Ocean). This wine is the main product of this region's economy besides also being a symbol of Madeira for the world. The Madeira Wine is famous for its undeniable taste and for being part of Portuguese gastronomy.

The history of the Madeira Wine

The elaboration of Madeira wine...