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Origin in Uvinum's blog


Where is the wine from?

There are a lot of countries having its ?flag liquor? to put up with pride such as: Russia and its vodka, Mexico and its Tequila, Scotland and its whisky, Peru and its pisco, and so on; but who would be the one to feel proud of the wine? In which county or culture wine was made? The answer is disputed and controversial; the cradle of wine it?s not so clear and it?s based on a...


Uvinum, the origin

Translated from "Uvinum, el origen"

Nico Bour, our CEO, already announced that Uvinum came up from a conversation in Facebook, the most popular social network, using Web 2.0 right from the beginning. But would you like to discover what we wrote exactly to each other in those first messages exchanged between the Uvinum founders? Just keep reading.

A project

Nico Bour: "December 9, 2008 at...