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Porto Wine in Uvinum's blog


5 DOs from Iberian Peninsula and their best food pairing

The Iberian Peninsula gives us endless possibilities to pair its culinary offerings with its excellent wines. I am a fan of most of them both and so in the following lines we will do a review mini pairing guide style going through 5 denominations of origin from the peninsula with their best culinary combinations.

We will start by DOCa Rioja. My proposal is Azpilicueta red...


Tawny Porto

Among the main types of Porto wine you can get the White Port, Ruby Port and Tawny Porto. The Porto is a fortified wine produced in vineyards of the Douro River Valley in Portugal. This wine is actually produced 100 kilometers far from the city of Oporto, but it received this name because, since it started being exported from this city to the rest of the world.