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Robert Parker in Uvinum's blog


Wines to give at weddings

Wine is a more original gift than the usual presents at weddings. We can surprise the newly-weds and they the guests with new wines, wines of different appellations of origin, those which no one has yet tasted and even original sets or packs.

Wine miniatures. In order to provide variety, we can give to the guests at the ceremony several wine miniatures, which...


Why Bordeaux Primeurs aren't appealing for collectors any longer?

The sale of wine “en primeur” is something that first class wineries have done in Bordeaux, as well as in Rhone, Burgundy and Port, among others, as a way of funding themselves and provide the consumer with quality wine at attractive prices.

This practice, which also has spread to other wine regions in recent years, consists of selling a vintage while still in ...


Parker rejects the concept of "Parkerized wines"

Sometimes the power and influence that reach experts in specific disciplines - in this case the world and culture of wine - can lead to rather curious situations. In fact, in a recent interview given to the French magazine Terre de Vins, wine critic Robert Parker has been forced to comment on the growing buzz, (considered as a truth by many media) that certain winemakers ...


Robert Parker: the importance of rankings

Sorry for Robert Parker fans but I'm not convinced at all about the whole Parker concept. In general, I could not care less what gurus say as I don?t give a damn about everything that seems to be overly commercial. Let's see if Parker starts to give very high marks to Spanish wines I will rejoice, I will support and I will also picked up the story, but because I believe that in...


Jay Miller leaves The Wine Advocate

Robert Parker has decided to dispense with Jay Miller, a controversial figure, and became responsible of a few countries, including Spain, Argentina and Chile in the name of the world most wine famous critic magazine.

In the last year his travels to the peninsula have proliferated, always by the hand of Pancho Campo, responsible for "The Wine Academy of Spain" to try wines...