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New wines from Extremadura

What a joy! When summer comes to its end, the arrival of Autumn and its routines (including work) start to get back to our lives and it seems that everything good from the year has been left behind us. But some good surprises still await us: one of my current favorite wineries launches two new wines. Take that!

Number nine and ten (?Habla nº9? and ?Habla diez?) are Habla...


Full bodied wines, are they your favorite?

Before starting to talk about full bodied wines we need to know what this expression that everybody uses means. I must say that, as a language lover, there are some expressions with the word body that have always called my attention, and even more if the underlying theme is wine.

Some of my favorite expressions including the word body would be "bodysuit" that would be...


Classic or modern wines?

A classic wine is like Casablanca, the movie. You may like or not, but you have to try it, you have to see it. You must give it a chance if you like wine or if you like movies and you feel proud to understand the subject.

A classic wine is like a final Chelsea- ManU. Although you do not like football too and even though you are not a supporter of either of these teams, you...


History of 3 wines

Wines are the perfect companion to our best stories, because they themselves have their own. Now we tell you the story of 3 of the most appreciated wines in Spain, so that when you go to buy wine you'll have a story to tell to start your own: