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How many bottles must I buy?

Are you one of those people who enjoy organizing meeting with friends and family at home, but always doubt about the right amount of wine you need to buy? It might help you to know that the international standards are 6 glasses of wine per bottle. But you must consider some specificities in order to please all your guests.


Wanted: Web content editor (English / German)

At Verticomm Network (Uvinum / Sportivic) we create international marketplaces with social recommendations, with a democratizing focus which aims to integrate the biggest international catalog of products in the world. Hence some of the profiles we now need are on the Contents area (still looking for a ?web content editor (French / Italian)?). We are 13 people in Barcelona, we...


Buying wine on Internet

Buy wine online is something that still surprises many consumers. Quite a few people I know -wine lovers and regular buyers in wine stores and supermarkets- say they haven't ever bought wine online. In our everyday work at Uvinum is to disclose our experience and preach about the advantages of the Internet over more traditional channels.

Buy wine online is now a reality. In...


French spirits

The most emblematic and known French spirits include armagnac and cognac, being the armagnac the oldest wine spirit in France.

There are 5 geographical sub-appellations for this drink:

Armagnac Bas-Armagnac Haut-Armagnac Armagnac-Ténarèze Blanche Armagnac

Armagnac products are governed by continuous distillation combined with distillation in...



Paprika, pimenton or sweet chili is a condiment powder red-colored and sweet flavor, obtained from the drying and subsequent grinding of different varieties of red pepper.

The red paprika is one of the fundamental ingredients of gourmet food in Spain, used in dishes such as Rioja style potatoes, Galician style octopus and chorizo, but is also used in other cuisines such...


The multi-vendor shopping cart at Uvinum

From the beginning we have been obsessed in Uvinum in order to provide our customers the best shopping experience possible. For us that means providing a safe, consistent, quick and easy process. With the new feature we're launching today, we are definitely walkin' in this direction, eliminating one of the main barriers that our customers had have until now: today it's possible to purchase...


Happy 2011!

We’re in 2011!From Uvinum we want to wish you a very Happy New Year. This 2011 will bring many new wines and lots of moments of happiness for everyone!It is time for new purposes for 2011 and to forget all these problems we’ve had along this year that have just ended. And for a good start, we will offer you some tips for buying wine, if you have not try yet, we can help you to enjoy better the...


BYOB comes to London

Having usually been allowed to bring a special bottle of wine if I so chose to a nice restaurant as long as I was willing to pay a corkage fee, it was not until recently that it occurred to me that this could be considered a privilege and not a right. It was not actually until my first day at Uvinum that I learned that this was not a common practice in Spain, and since then I have noticed the...


Uvinum Closes 300.000€ Round of Funding

Uvinum  just closed an investment round of € 300,000 thanks to important business angels. This investment will allow Uvinum to continue its plans for growth both in Spain and abroad in the major markets in the world of wine.

The investors include Luis Martin Cabiedes (Business Angel), Jaime Jimenez (VP Marketing & Sales of Softonic), Grupo Intercom, Tomás Diago (Founder...


The Arrival of Wine-in-a-glass

The introduction at Marks & Spencer of Le Froglet's Wine-in-a-glass, an individual serving of either Chardonnay, Rosé, or Shiraz in a covered plastic glass has spurred a great deal of online discussion. Part of the story is the owner of the idea, Mr. James Nash, had his vision unkindly shot down by the BBC's Dragon's Den panel, who have been evidentially been proven wrong as Marks & Spencer...