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Vega Sicilia in Uvinum's blog


World's most expensive wines

Have you ever thought which wine would buy if you won the lottery? It is clear that in addition to the usual, but rather than bottles or boxes, in pallets, we should probably go for one of the most expensive wines in the world. At least one bottle of some of those wines attached to a prohibitive price which only a few privileged ones can enjoy some time in their life.



How to choose wines by their label

The issue of wine labels is a tricky business. I have already been doing the experiment for a while and I have noticed that in addition to the inevitable subjectivity, factor consumer country of origin is an important point to consider. In other words, as far as I, a lifelong Spanish, think a label looks elegant, modern and evocative (sweets) to me belonging to a wine for...


Red wines from Ribera del Duero

Tempranillo, sun and chalky soils are the main ingredients in the Ribera del Duero wine. Red wines from this region seem custom-made by a tailor with magic hands and unique nose. The grapes selection and the wine aging do the rest to get some of the most expensive red wines in the world.

Pingus, a simple name for a wine which price goes over 1.000 euros. A masterful...