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Vodka in Uvinum's blog


The best vodkas

Vodka is a type of distillate that can be spelled in different ways: Vodka, Wodka, Vodca,... What is out of any discussion is that it is one of the most universal alcohol types.

The origin of the vodka could also be a reason for discussions. It's not well known if it has polish or russian origins but the original word meant "water of life". From there the diminutive "vodca"...


Screwdriver cocktail, the perfect combination

The world of cocktails is exciting. Now more than ever we find different types, provided by the bartender?s imagination, the experts in this job. Soft, sweet, with an exotic touch, with alcohol or natural, you choose the one you prefer.

When it comes to talk about the classic and most popular cocktails, the screwdriver takes the top score, mainly because it is very easy to...


Vodka does not only speak Russian

If we talk about vodka possibly something that may come up to your mind is Russia and its cold cities, but know that vodka is the distilled drink more extended in the world and therefore it is elaborated all around the world, where ever there is a distillery. Let’s learn more about the vodkas beyond Russia.

If we start talking about Russian vodka who is not we must look at what they call...