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Water in Uvinum's blog


The best vodkas

Vodka is a type of distillate that can be spelled in different ways: Vodka, Wodka, Vodca,... What is out of any discussion is that it is one of the most universal alcohol types.

The origin of the vodka could also be a reason for discussions. It's not well known if it has polish or russian origins but the original word meant "water of life". From there the diminutive "vodca"...


How to do water tastings?

Wine, cheese, yogurt tastings... and for a while also water tastings. This drink is evolving and now we see more and more water lists in restaurants with a wide variety of them.

Just as happens with other beverage tastings, including wines, we will consider a number of aspects, such as color, aroma and taste, which, although it might sound something difficult in water,...


The best drinks for a corporate event

Many of you will be already fully at work. Now comes a new year full of exhibitions, events and company presentations. If you are organizing a corporate event, you must take into account what beverages will be served to make it a success.

If you are going to invite clients or partners overseas to this act, it's essential to offer Spanish DO wine. We can make a selection of...