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Authentic Galician taste: DO Monterrei

Spanish wines offer a great variety and richness in each of the areas where they are produced. Therefore, our review of the Spanish DO gives us an interesting inside of their types, varieties and essential characteristics.

Galician wines are of exceptional quality. Monterrei wine in the province of Orense and near Portugal, is elaborated thanks to a temperate weather with...


Wines from Cigales: richness and taste

In our review of the diverse Spanish Denominations of Origin, today it's the turn of the wine of Cigales, in Castilla y León, located in the northern area of the Duero Valley, comprising zones of Valladolid and Palencia.

It's a DO that is gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to the efforts of cellars and producers which seek to promote it. According to the regulatory...


Terra Alta wines with guarantee of origin and quality

Located in the south of Catalonia, Terra Alta wine extends between the river Ebro and Aragon in over 746 km2 throughout 12 municipalities of this region. The climate under these wines are elaborated is Mediterranean, with rather dry summers, slight cold and low rainfall. This results in young wines, wood and fruit flavored, which are becoming renowned and spread across the...


Quality castilian wines in Toro

Wines of Castilla y León are among the most recognized in Spain. With an extra flavor and a quality defined by its long experience, history and tradition, they are exported overseas and have an excellent life with outstanding cellars.

This is the case of the wine of Toro, which extends over the community of Castilla y León, mainly in Zamora and a part of Valladolid, with...


DO Jumilla, outstanding quality

Little by little, we are reviewing all Spanish Denominations of Origin, with quality wines spreading all around the world. Today is the turn of Jumilla wine, which extends between the cities of Murcia and Albacete in over 30,000 hectares of vineyards.

Its current production is made in modern and avant-garde wineries joining traditional techniques with the latest technology....


3 Spanish sparkling wines

Sparkling wine is a hit in many countries and Spain would not be less. The sparkling wines are achieved when there is a second fermentation in the bottle. But this should not be confused with artificially sparkling wines, to which carbon dioxide is injected.

Really, sparkling wines are made in virtually all autonomous communities in the country, primarily Catalonia (main...


The harvest 2012 is underway

We are in the season of harvest, of gathering the fruit of the vine to elaborate the most prodigious wine. All wine regions become central to wineries, growers and harvesters, who work every day to see how it will be this year's harvest.

This leads to a kind of tourism, the wine tourism, which is still in vogue and increases visits during this time. So, the visitors to...


The Fronsac wines

Fronsac region is a relatively unknown area, located between the rivers Dordogne and l'Isle, next to Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, with an area of about 1,200 ha and a production of about 6 million bottles per year. With prices usually more affordable than most famous regions, it is able to offer excellent red wines, suitable for red and white meat (lamb, beef, pork),...


Wine and more from Languedoc-Roussillon

In the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales department, between the Mediterranean and Corbières, flanked by the mountains of Canigou and Les Albères, the Languedoc-Roussillon vines grow in a variety of landscapes, soils and microclimates.

The wine producing area is crossed by three valleys and includes several types of terrain, hills, slopes and terraces, where soils of...