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German white wine


 TAGS:The German white wine is what they do best in this country after beer and cars. What happens is that, vagaries of the market, or circumstances of life, at the end when speaking of German white wine almost everybody thinks of Riesling, as if they were equivalent terms. And no, there is much more to choose from.

For example, what do you say German white wine made from Gewürztraminer grapes? I can imagine that you usually do not ask because you almost have to be a philologist to pronounce its name (and, by the way, you also have to be very careful when writing it if you want to avoid mistakes!). But these wines are soft and have a unique flavor. It happens that this grape gives also very good results in our country, as it is shown in Somontano (mmmhhh... how good was that Inés de Monclús).

Pintot Blanc and Pinot Gris, known locally as Weisser Burgunder and Grauer Burgunder, are two of the grapes not usually associated at first with the Central European country, but that give us fine wines, as all of you who enjoy them with different origins know.

We have already gone through four different grape varieties and this has just begun. Vert Silvaner and Kerner are two of the less famous. However, given the German gastronomy they find a good use for wines elaborated from both of them in high-level pairings which would surprise more than one.

Precisely Silvaner and Riesling, together with Müller Thurgau, are the grapes from which Peter Morio obtained in 1933 a new grape variety. He called it Bacchus. Today, this grape variety is not exclusive to the Germans, as it is also cultivated in the UK.

Also, as I mentioned recently in another post, this grape is extremely durable and it can be included in the group of the super grape wine which will provide us wine whatever happens. Bacchus is also highly productive and as I still have not tasted it I cannot talk for myself of it but if we trust what it is said about it out there, it's all good.

They say it is much like the Sauvignon Blanc, and as i love it I look forward to taste this Bacchus and tell you about it in detail.

 TAGS:Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012

Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012



 TAGS:Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011

Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011


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