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Gin Tonic, more than one



The Gin and Tonic (or gin-tonic, as you prefer) is one of the world's most popular cocktails. And like all great cocktails, there is not just one way to prepare it, but everyone has their own idea of the perfect gin and tonic, and that explains the large number of variations of this drink.

We start with the Gin: gin is probably one of the spirits which are more appreciated with great differences from brand to brand. If vodka is valued for its purity, or whisky for its elegance, the most important in gin is the personal touch of each master distiller, with a mixture of flavouring ingredients (called botanicals), each one contributes in a personal way which are the best kept secret of every distillery.

So we can find gin with citric aromas (lemon, lime, orange), forest (rosemary, mint), aniseed (star anise, wormwood), floral (violet, pink), and many more that surely bring a different touch to each Gin and Tonic.

The tonic water is also very important: if up until recently was an impossible mission to choose a brand ,now there are more and more shops and bars where they have an assortment of tonic that can harmonize or contrast, according to each taste, tonic with aromas of citric, pepper, ...

The last - but perhaps the most striking-, is the decoration of the cocktail: if the original gin-tonic was accompanied with a slice of lemon (or lime), imagination takes over now and, in addition to the cucumber, we find bits of strawberry, grapefruit, mint and peppercorns. One of the less used ingredients, however, there?s one ingredient who can help us to enjoy the purity of gin that is juniper berries slightly crushed to expand their aromas.

Now that we have all the ingredients, how shall we prepare the gin and tonic?

Make sure that all ingredients are cold so that the ice melts the least possible, and not water down the drink. In a snifter, pour 5 large cubes of ice, a shot of gin and, as gently as possible pour the tonic to not waste gas. Decorate with your favorite dressing and enjoy!

Can you feel your mouth water? Do not worry, I will recommend a couple of large gin and tonics for your gin and tonic:

 TAGS:Gin BahíaGin Bahía

A very different gin, known for its touches of orange and bitter orange.

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 TAGS:Gin JodhpurGin Jodhpur

A gin dominated by the aromas of forest and, of course, juniper.

Buy Gin Jodhpur 20,36?

 TAGS:Tónica Q TonicTónica Q Tonic

The all over the world trendy tonic.

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 TAGS:Tónica Schweppes Pimienta RosaTónica Schweppes Pimienta Rosa

Different from any other, will give a smoky spicy flavor to your gin and tonics.

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