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Gourmet Tonics, explosion of flavours


 TAGS:Today, the traditional tonic has been passed towards more sophisticated gourmet type who are having an excellent place in the market.

These new tonics are artisan elaboration, offering new tastes such as quinine, flowers, fruits like apples and other spices such as vanilla that brings a light touch to the palate.

One of the biggest differences with the classical tonic is that they haven't got as much sugar. Some have even incorporated some alcohol and an extra natural quinine taste imported from South American countries offering a high quality.

Thanks to this innovation, they bring diversity in tonic when it comes to mix it. For example, gourmet gin and tonic is now different with many more flavours, sweeter and tastier, by the amount of spices and mixtures of ingredients that brings to the gin.

The new in tonic are aimed at a diverse public although at first are chosen by connoisseurs who take it before lunch or mid afternoon. They have the advantage of going great with a lot of diverse food, a refreshing element that helps to lower heavy meals.

The level and quality of premium tonic differentiates them from the traditional, so you'll get hooked to the flavor and it is worth paying more to enjoy this drink that's becoming more popular.

New gourmet tonic:

 TAGS:Schweppes Pink PepperSchweppes Pink Pepper

To the typical ingredients of Quinine, carbonated water and citric acid pink pepper is added, which is mixed with the citric flavors, quite uncommon in these types of drinks.

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 TAGS:Fever Tree TonicFever Tree Tonic

One of the most popular premium. We get surprised by a sweet taste and citrus fruits that compose it like orange and lemon. Artisan and made without artificial flavors, because a natural taste is sought, Ideal for mixing with various liquors such as vodka or gin.

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