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How to choose a beer glass


 TAGS:Recently the University of Bristol found out that the type of glass out of which people drink a beer can have an influence on the drinking time. Today I would like to put more attention on this topic. In future it might lead to changes in the regulation of bars, in the behaviour of custumers or  it could lead to new measures taken by the responsible authorities.

The magazine PLoS ONE published an article based on the investigation of the University of Bristol in which 159 people were filmed while drinking either beer or juices. All the glasses were filled with approximately a quarter litre and they had different forms. The research gave as a result that people who drank only juices took almost the same time for doing it, approximately 7 minutes, no matter if the form of the glass was straight or curvy.

In the case of the persons who drank beer the situation was different, because the people who drank beer out of curvy glasses took 7 minutes to finish it and people who drank it out of straight glasses took 11 minutes. The persons who took part in the research also had to define the quantitity in the half full glass. Only people who drank out of straight glasses could answer  that question.

As this is an important information in the selection of beers, for sure many people might take it into consideration when drinking a beer and if there will be approved new measures the results will be either good or disappointing, something normal if regulations are changed in bars, clubs or other places for the lovers of good beer.

In any case, if you buy beer, always do that in Uvinum! Today I would like to recommend two types:

 TAGS:Leffe BlondeLeffe Blonde

Leffe Blonde, really light but intense and fruity




 TAGS:Chimay BlueChimay Blue

Chimay Blue, one of the strongest of the Chimay Family.

 Chimay Azul




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??????? ??????? 31/10/2012 at 05:50
Use a snifter or tulip glass for fancy barley wines and Belgian ales. The glass is tall and has a small opening, which gives the malt and alcohol to blend. Use a brandy glass in this case.
Trophies Trophies 01/02/2013 at 06:29

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