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How to keep a wine bottle once is open


 TAGS:It does not happen very often but I have heard that it's possible to open a bottle of wine and not to finish it. Although it may seem unrealistic, it is true that it could happen, and in such cases the question that arises us is how to keep a bottle of wine once it's open? What matters here is that you manage to keep it just as well as when we first opened it so the organoleptic properties remain intact and the first sip of the repetition does not make us regret for being sparing or restrained.

There are many tricks, I imagine that all of you have seen those bottles of sparkling wine (cava, especially at Christmas) adorned with a spoon stuck by the neck, according to popular  tradition "not to lose the gas ". Of course it's New Year's Eve and at a certain time of the night you can come to believe almost everything you hear.

With red wine it gets more complicated. Away from direct sunlight and heat sources, keep it in the fridge or in our cellars seem all particularly good ways to keep a bottle of wine once opened but we can still achieve better results and scratch a few more days to the calendar. Although I still think that you only live once and when you have already opened the bottle you should finish it.

Anyway, for those who remain committed to keep some of the precious liquid, you have to consider that even though you put the cork in there is still enough air into the bottle, and the more air, more oxygen and, therefore, further oxidation. The best would be to remove the air, somehow manage to extract it, but how?

On the internet I have discovered that there are some special wine closures (vacuum pumps) that allow you to empty the air in the bottle. It is necessary to use a vacuum pump, which will take care of that every last speck of air remaining in contact with the wine disappears. The result is spectacular, you will not notice anything and the truth is that once you try it you have to say that it's worth it.

Those times you still had some wine left but it was so few that you just ended up throwing it down the sink are a thing from the past. Here nothing is thrown away and even less when we talk about wine. You can use the pump and the closure several times, so that the investment (which also is not significant) is really worth trying. Let me know when you do.

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My first observation is to simply not worry about it and drink it the next night. Young wines may even taste better. Alternatively, always have an empty half bottle around. Immediately decant a freshly opened bottle into the half bottle and cork with the freshly removed cork. Fill to a point that wine squirts out when recorked. Then a half hour later open the half bottle and enjoy it with the second half of your meal. The problem with vacuvin is not oxidation but the extraction of the small amount of subliminal carbon dioxide that is in most bottled wines so the wine may simply taste flat if not oxidized. It's all about the memories.
Michael Richmond Michael Richmond 26/03/2013 at 23:22

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