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Olive oil made in wineries

 TAGS:Now if go visit a winery you will not necessarily be looking for wine. Maybe you won't even taste it. The Spanish winemakers, not all, but some very cool, have decided to expand their business covering other specialties. In this post we will get inspired by vineyards and olive trees.

Marqués de Griñón and Marqués de Valdueza are two of the winemakers converted into gourmet olive oil producers. Without losing any of their interest in wine (thanks God, because them both are very good in elaborating it) now they try to seduce our palate with their liquid gold proposals.

You do not need to be Marquis, neither to hold any other kind of peerage, to embark on this adventure. What you need to have is willing to work, a little market knowledge or very good advisers and an olive trees.

You can learn a little more from these two olive oil producers in the following lines:

Marqués de Griñón

Yes, he also makes olive oil. This man is good at everything. A delicate process, which could only be preceded by handpicking. That is how they treat their olives (Picual, Arbequina and Manzanilla varieties) which juice is qualified as "pago oil" as it comes only from their own land. That is Marqués de Griñón olive oil.

Of unusual beauty, its colors fade between gold and greenish yellow. The same happens in the mouth, where this intense oil  gets you trapped by its vegetal notes that hide subtle flavors of nuts.

Its bottle reminds to the Manzanila wine one, a nod to its composition and to the winemaker heart of its creator.

Marqués de Valdueza

Why bringing the oil bottle to the table when you have some guests is you can present on the table a bottle of olive oil with wine bottle shape. Much better, isn't it?. Morisca, Picual, Arbequina and hojiblanca are the olive varieties combined in this gourmet minded olive oil.

I loved it when I tasted it for the first time and I found it the perfect complement for a thick slice of homemade bread, with its dense crumb. The sweet way this olive oil enters the mouth prepares the palate  for that piquant, very subtle, surprise that comes eventually. Perfect for olive lovers and bittersweet flavours enthusiasts. Great.

Who would like to taste them both? For a good salad or a nice stew, here are my suggestions:

 TAGS:Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marqués de Valdueza 50clExtra Virgin Olive Oil Marqués de Valdueza 50cl

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marqués de Valdueza 50cl


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Oil Marqués de Griñón 500ml

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