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Ribeiro Wines, Galician excellence

 TAGS:With fantastic color and flavor, Ribeiro wine extends throughout the southern Galicia, in the province of Orense, near Portugal. Its production is elaborated out in over 2,700 ha of vineyards owned by historic cellars and other younger ones.

This is because more and more wineries are targeted to the production of this exquisite wine, with pure Galician taste, which achieves important successes, nationally and internationally.

There are different varieties of grapes for this DO. Among whites, we can cite Treixadura, Torrontés, Albariño, Palomino and Macabeo, and among reds, excel Sousón, Mencía, Garnacha and Tempranillo.

Wines of great taste

The result of their expected and tasty wines is due to the judicious combination of autoctonous grapes that make them unique. We found three types: whites, reds and toasted.

White wines of Ribeiro

Transparent, thin, soft and even fresh. So are the whites of the DO Ribeiro, currently comprising 85% of total production. They taste of soft fruits and flowers, plus some spices. The perfect pairing is with fish and cheese.

Red wines of Ribeiro

The reds have aromas of red and ripe fruits mixed with liquorice and balsamic. Their flavor is rather intense with a perfect balance between acidic and fresh. They are perfect with meats, smoked and cured meats.

Sweet toasted wines

The toasted wine is sweet. Although it has a small and little-known production, its elaboration is somewhat complex, and the result is excellent. The color is golden and amber and smells and tastes like nuts, honey, quince, citrus... It offers this sweet character ideal for desserts, like chocolate.

In the area are performed interesting activities to learn about their development process: visiting the vineyards and cellars and tasting their types and varieties with pairings included, and you can always buy wine online if you're not close. Do you want to taste them? Today we suggest two good Ribeiro wines:

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