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Spring in the Vineyard

SpringThey say spring is the season of love, passion, summer, autumn and winter melancholy solitude. However this doesn’t work the same way in the vineyard. 
In the vineyards seems that spring is the season of melancholy, because it produces one of the most curious phenomena: "vine's tears".

The vine goes back into activity as temperature increases. The water recirculates through the plant's root system, and when it gets to where it has been pruned, it pours outside.

This phenomenon occurs only about two weeks a year, around this time, because now, of those cuts, new buds will quickly restore the plant's integrity, and thus the circuit is closed again, no leaks to the outside.

But these are not just a few drops. A young vine can "cry" up to 5 liters of water, drop by drop. And the fields, with the vines mourning, reminds us that life goes by, and it is time to start producing a new crop ...
But also to start enjoying the recent past, which is in all its glory, on the shelves of shops and, of course, in Uvinum. We recommend 3 of the most important wines of this year:

A mi manera 2010: Benjamin Romeo is one of the great winemakers that Spain brings to the world stage. But instead of working exclusively expensive wines, those who give fame, he has put his effort and work to create "My Way", an excellent wine for all budgets.
Quintaluna 2010: Is a White and one of the youngest of Ossian Winery, which already produces a white wine aged in barrels (Ossian). This Quintaluna 2010, also made from Verdejo grapes, presents a formidable price (4 times cheaper than its older brother), and being just launched, shows its entire splendor.
Reymos: A sparkling wine that can't be missed. Made from Muscat, with flavors of caramel and raisins, is exceptional for dessert even though purists may not be happy. Very interesting

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