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Tawny Porto

 TAGS:Among the main types of Porto wine you can get the White Port, Ruby Port and Tawny Porto. The Porto is a fortified wine produced in vineyards of the Douro River Valley in Portugal. This wine is actually produced 100 kilometers far from the city of Oporto, but it received this name because, since it started being exported from this city to the rest of the world.

Tawny Porto is a brick-colored wine with aromas of nuts, coffee notes and coconut. It is the result of making a blend of wine from different vintages, with more than 3 years of aging in oak barrels for a lighter and soft taste for the most demanding palate.

 Its light and persistent taste with flavors of delicate flowers and fruits, is ideal to serve with nuts, candies and cookies, so you can serve it after dinner with dessert at a family gathering or with friends.

The average age of this drink is more than 25 years, depending on its kind it has an alcohol content of 19.5% and is sold in a presentation of 75 cl.

Recommended for consumption on a minimum temperature of 15degrees Celsius and a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius, this will allow Ferreira Tawny Port wine taste at its best.

The origin of the word Tawny comes from the English Tawny blend; Tawny?s blenders are wines made by aging in oak, during its long aging in oak barrels the wines get aromas of nuts, spices and dried fruits irresistible to those who taste it later.

Within the categories of Tawny Porto we can find:

  • Tawny Reserve, aged for 7 years, it has aromas and flavors balanced between the fruit flavor of the barrel aging. It is ideal for dining with friends or to accompany cheeses.
  • Old Tawny: Wines present in their mix can be 10, 20, 30 or 40 years old, the older they are, the greater its complexity, and cost.
  • Colheita: this wine comes from a specific vintage and their aging is a minimum of 7 years in oak barrels; it has an intense aroma and complexity.

To serve a port wine you can use short type glasses or liquor glasses in quantities of 2 ounces.

Do not miss this delicious wine with a good company or buying a bottle and keep it for that special occasion you may have planned, you will be the best host and please your loved ones with a touch of elegance. These are our recommendations:

 TAGS:Oporto Graham's TawnyOporto Graham's Tawny

Graham's is one of the classic marks of Oporto, a unique flavor from our Portuguese neighbors.

 TAGS:Buy Oporto Graham's Tawny 6,56?

 TAGS:Oporto Dalva Tawny 1LOporto Dalva Tawny 1L

A fresh and soft Porto, modern sap to Oporto.

Buy Oporto Dalva Tawny 1L 7,55?

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