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The Arrival of Wine-in-a-glass


The introduction at Marks & Spencer of Le Froglet's Wine-in-a-glass, an individual serving of either Chardonnay, Rosé, or Shiraz in a covered plastic glass has spurred a great deal of online discussion. Part of the story is the owner of the idea, Mr. James Nash, had his vision unkindly shot down by the BBC's Dragon's Den panel, who have been evidentially been proven wrong as Marks & Spencer reportedly cannot keep the glasses in stock.

However, some commenters have decried the environmental impact of the single use glasses, which is valid, but why should wine not be permitted in single use containers when so many other beverages are? (Target in the US offers more environmentally friendly single use wine tetrapacks, kind of like grown up juice boxes, but that concept hasn't taken off yet.) And some seem offended by the very idea, that it's déclassé and  "unromantic".

Wine has survived the introduction of wine cooler and white zinfandel, so I doubt it will suffer at the hand of a plastic glass. If anything, it's one more way for wine lovers to enjoy the product- and what's wrong with that? 

Comments The Arrival of Wine-in-a-glass

I agree with you, Lauren. I think it's just one more way for wine lovers to enjoy the product.
Wine doesn't taste the same in plastic glasses.  This would be a last resort for me.  Picnic or some tailgate party only and I would still rather bring a bottle with a screw cap for ease of use in comparison.  I can bring my own glass.   As for Wine in the glass  I would be afraid the top would come off or would puncture in a cooler or picinic tote as an additional deterrent. 
Debi Debi 09/07/2010 at 20:12
Convenience factor is most important.  I can think of times when I have been traveling and just wanted one glass of wine and didn't have the opportunity to buy that small amount unless I went to a bar.  Perfect for picnics, particularly when traveling by car.  I envision wine-in-a-glass being very popular in highway stops to carry away along with lunch.
Sylvia Sylvia 20/07/2010 at 19:54
Debi, I agree, wine is not the same in plastic, but there are many situations where glass is a problem, especially outdoors, and so I see this as problem solving product, not a replacement. Since they are not available in Spain, I haven't had the chance to see one for myself, and I would be curious to hear how secure they are in terms of withstanding opening or puncturing as you mention.

Sylvia, perhaps if they are in the States you can sample one at a picnic and let us know ;)  

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