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Uvinum receives the Best Customer Experience Award 2012


We're delighted! The organisation Best Customer Experience Institute with headquarters in many different countries, which task it is to evaluate and reward the practice in the field of Customer Care and the excellence in the treatment of the client, awarded us with the  Best Customer Experience Award  2012 in the category of alimentation in eCommerce.


The best of it is that we didn't even know to participate in that competition. 2.000 persons selected 500 brands - among them Uvinum. Therefore we compited with brands and labels as Caprabo or our friends of Ulabox. And we won! In the global analyisis of the research we obtained even better results than very big labels and services as Lastminute or El Corte Inglés. .. and others. Of course everything is relative, but the most important thing is that we were analyzed by the same users and a specialized company. 


Nearly 30.000 clients trusted on us since we have been acting as a marketplace for 2 years now and are selling wines, distillates and gourmet products. These years have been intense, but we have improved our service quality a lot but  there are still lots of things to do. Most of our customers are satisfied but we also receive some queries. This price helps us to trust even more on our skills and to continue growing. Thanks to all for this great gift!

And of course many thanks to our Customer Care team (Maria, Miguel, Giulia and Concetta) and the rest of the team of Verticomm- Uvinum who have made this price possible. Thank you!


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So Uvinum has received the Best Customer Experience Award 2012, my experience was not quite what is to be expected from a company receiving such an award.
My Christmas 2012 order had been delivered to the wrong address, not the ideal start Christmas.
The subsequent replacement delivery later only contained one bottle instead of the two that I had ordered, still missing half my order that I paid for and Uvinum have not contacted me, to say I am not very happy and rather dissapointed by their service is an understatement.
Paul Kimber
Order #24014
Order's date: 2012-12-06
Paul Kimber Paul Kimber 19/01/2013 at 13:02
excellent very quick delivery
bratz bratz 11/11/2014 at 01:48

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