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Valentine Gifts (I)


Love bottleHere comes the month of love with Valentine's Day, in which we celebrates Valentine. Have you thought about a gift? 

As we at Uvinum are so thoughtful and care about you, we can offer some suggestions to give to your valentine. Today's is a customized label for a bottle of wine for your sweetheart with a romantic touch. What do you think? 

Labels are sold separately (not included with the bottle) and they are adhesive to stick to the bottle of wine. So, besides a fine wine, your partner will receive an original message of love. 

This are sold in the United States in, although large orders are only supported, but perhaps is an idea that you can apply with a little imagination, a sheet of adhesive paper and a good printer, right? 

I love you

The labels come with a dual message, as many greeting cards, one in the front and one on back. In this you could read: "My love, I love you, you are the light of my life, the wind that blows my bla bla bla", while in the back reads: "Now open the bottle and lose your clothes ".

They are romantic messages with a naughty touch, funny and sometimes slightly off-color. So do not read the message of the following label: 

Saint Valentine's day

How about you? Can you think of any message you write to your lover? What wine would you give as a present? Does it look like a nice touch to you?




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