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What tequila to use for the Margarita cocktail


 TAGS:The margarita is the most popular cocktail made with tequila, it is usually a simple mixture of tequila, lime juice, Triple Sec and ice (often replaced by some citrus fruits juice), and a touch of salt on the edge of the cup served.

But despite being a cocktail easy to prepare, the margarita has a plethora of styles and classes, which are varied with some types of tequila for their preparation. Know what tequila to use for the ?Margarita tequila cocktail ".

White Tequila, the classic margarita

There are basically three kinds of Tequila: white tequila, tequila reposado, and añejo tequila. Although we can name two more types of tequila, young or gold tequila (oro) and Extra Añejo tequila, but you could say that these last two are subgenres of the three main types of tequila.

But not all of these three types of tequila are suitable for preparing margarita cocktails. As in many cocktails the ingredients are citrus fruits such as the popular "sour", the drink used in its preparation is usually white or as neutral as possible. The same happens in margarita cocktail, so we could say that the ideal to prepare a good margarita is white tequila, also called "silver".

But the margarita as all popular cocktails has several variations or we might say, "Kinds of margaritas", but most of these variations are not in the tequila, but in the fruits accompanying the ingredients ranging from peach to pineapple, to name some.

The finest tequilas for a margarita

We know that white tequila, or silver, is ideal for preparing an excellent recipe for margarita. That's why we have made for you a compilation of some white tequila that you should keep in mind when you think about Margarita.

Want a recommendation? Here are some:

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