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Wines and movies, a perfect combination

 - The seventh art has given moments of glory to the world of wine. Whether showing special landscapes with many vineyards, highlighting impressive wineries or letting us know the wine culture. We'll refresh your memory with some movies where wine has been the protagonist.

Unax Ugalde and Nora Tschirner share wine and other passions in ?Bon appétit?, a just released film, which tells the story of a young chef and an attractive sommelier. In this case, the wines of the D.O. Ribera del Duero appear in several scenes, being the key axis of the story.

Who does not remember ?Sideways?? A very successful movie, thanks to its close approach and that touch of humor and drama at a time, in which the two protagonists do a fantastic tour from winery to winery tasting the best wines and making friends. Something you'd want to do in the future...

Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón... and a love story. The Spanish actress was carried away by the fashionable handsome in ?A Walk in the Clouds?, set among vineyards. It combines fantastic landscapes with passion between two characters who enjoy sharing wine. It explains also the winemaking and harvesting processes.

?Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona? offers corners of Gijon and Barcelona, and the wine comes alive, both in the restaurants where the protagonists eat, as in the more passionate scenes where Javier Bardem makes a role of conquistador, and the wine glasses go along the Woody Allen film.

A French countryside is the landscape of ?French Kiss?. Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline have a turbulent love story and a great passion for wine. In the film, the character of Kevin is a wine connoisseur which makes interesting considerations, comparing it to life, to people, to each one personality.

In ?A Good Year? Russell Crowe switches the business stress when he inherits a vineyard in Provence. There he discovers the true meaning of life and decides to taste it. Thus, wines move us into a new dimension and open up our eyes to how we're wasting our time.

If you know more movies about wine, leave us your comments!

Photo: Bon Appetit

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jane carter jane carter 25/06/2014 at 15:16

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